About Us

We are a small group of passionate software engineers based in Cluj-Napoca - Romania. We enjoy coding, challenges, finding solutions, performance and cost improvements where we can.

Our Mission

We strive for the best. We like to do things a certain way, ensuring good performance, scalability and bug free. We are serious about what we do and we plan on keeping it that way.

Our Plan

We plan on growing as a company, establish good relations with our customers, making sure they are pleased, so that we can have a long and fruitful collaboration.

Our Vision

We like to keep up with the new technologies, we are passionate in learning what's new and how it can help us improve our current or future applications.


Throughout our years of work, we had the chance to work with multiple projects with a wide set of needs. What we learn is that we exceed at the following

Web Development

For the user side we mostly worked web-based. Our team grew very efficient with the latest Angular version.


We learned that a good microservices architecture can help with scalability, development speed and error handling and we enjoy working this way.

Performance Improvements

Performance is always in our mind as we code. We also grew familiar with tools to test it.

Big Data

We are accustomed in working with large amount of data. Fast Api's that can handle the load, DB's that can hold and optimally interogate the data, caching mechanisms, data compression, etc.


We developed a variety of Reporting features so far. In this journey we used SSAS, Athena and lately Redshift as the data warehouse. We also made fast services that dynamically interogate these databases real-time and sends the result to the user.

Budget and Time Management

We have an impeccable work ethic in regards to planning ahead. Any arising issues will be managed within an initial agreement.

Our Tech Stack

Technologies we worked with throughout the years

Why choose us?

Aside from being really good at what we do, we also understand

  • Client comes first

    Whether we're developing from scratch or starting from an existing application, the client always comes first. We make sure we understand our client needs and we build on that, coming with ideas, exceeding expectations.

  • Our dream is to spread quality, performance and true business value to the projects that we do.

  • We take great pride in our flexible inner organisation, as well as the appreciation of our customers and our relations to the technological world.


As years went by we also take pride in


Happy Clients




Hours Of Coding


Hard Workers

Our Clients

Contact Us

Contact us if you need help with one of your projects or any of the services we provide. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Soporului Street, no. 8D, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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